Growing up the idea of living in a “million” dollar home was a stretch in imagination. With 8 billion people on this earth, only a small percentage of that 8 billion will be able to live/afford a home that expensive. Recently, I just found out that the most expensive “house” (Not Estate) is worth a whopping $1.1B. This property is located in southern France in a town called Saint-Jean-Cap- Ferrat-aka the “billionaire’s playground”. This property is in the words of my recently favorite show “Stranger Things” in the “upside down”. In the show, this was a place no one ever believed in, meaning that no one in their right mind would ever imagine themselves in. This house has an amazing opulent ballroom, a chapel, 30-horse stables, an Olympic-size swimming pool, and a 35-acre botanical park with 20 greenhouses and 15,000 rare tropical plants tended to by 15 full-time gardeners. This sounds like the house in Beauty and the Beast… I mean for crying out loud, there is an opulent ballroom. You would think something this big would have 30+ bedrooms and bathrooms but unfortunately only have 10 bedrooms…. I know 10 bedrooms, who would turn that down right? To be honest, this property is worth its enormous value because it boasts a royal history. I am not entirely sure if this property will sell at this “list” price but I do know that it is currently in uncharted territory and anything can happen when you are there. With the area being called billionaire’s playground, I am guessing that this property will sell sooner than later because at that type of price tag, everyone wants that status booster. It’s all about who can afford it, so everyone knows that individual could afford it. On the other note of things, if you find yourself reading this blog and understand that a billion dollar house is out of your price tag, come find us. We at STL Real Estate LLC understand the STL area and the people who live in it. We will find the perfect house for you and will work with you until you are in that perfect house.

St. Louis Real Estate Expert Ryan Wessels answers your questions about buying and selling property in the St. Louis area.

Is Buying a “Fixer Upper” as My First Home a Good Idea?

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