Why Sell to a We Buy Houses Company

Some may ask “Why sell to a We Buy Houses Company?” These answers can be found in life’s messiest situations. You may sell to a company like this because you are a out-of-state home owner with little interest in your getaway anymore, or you may need to sell immediately to avoid foreclosure. Others may find the benefit of selling to a We Buy Houses Company is due to a recent death in the family where a property has now been inherited. During an emotional situation such as this, you may not want to add the additional stress of selling the home yourself.

There are also times where a marriage hasn’t worked out as planned and divorce  seems to be the only option. To avoid a messy custody battle during your divorce, you may sell to a We Buy Houses company just to make splitting the property value process easier for the both of you. Either way there are positive results that can be found when you sell to a We Buy Houses company such as STL Real Estate.

STL Real Estate’s Specialty

We specialize in solving complicated real estate situations all across the St. Louis area. STL Real Estate provides you extra value because we operate as two companies in one. STL Real Estate has investors that actively buy and sell houses in the St. Louis area.

We also have agents that help others buy and sell houses to get the most amount of money possible out of a home. This synergy between these two groups of our company gives you the power to analyze your personal situation and figure out what works best for you.

STL Real Estate isn’t kidding when we say We Buy Houses, because we do, and we can do it fast. STL Real Estate also will offers cash for your home. You will also find that STL Real Estate can close a deal in as little as 2 weeks.

Since our beginnings, we have helped hundreds of St. Louisans find solutions to their real estate needs. Our past clients were faced with a period of transition and were going through a point in their life that was often financially and emotionally stressful and at STL Real Estate our goal is to make this life transition as easy as possible.


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