Pets and Selling Your Home

What do we sell a home with pets?

Our pets are part of the family, we’re used to having them and all their blankets, toys and food dishes around the house. When it come time to sell the home, the question becomes, what to do with the pets and their belongings during showings? The truth is, many buyers, even if they are pet owners themselves, prefer not to see signs of pets in the homes. Buyers associate pets with flaws in the home like scuffed floors and lingering odors. So how do you keep your pets from limiting your ability to sell in today’s very competitive market?


Getting Your Home Ready To Sell With Pets

First of all, you’re going to want to thoroughly clean the house, including carpets, drapes and baseboards, removing as much pet hair as possible. Professional cleaning from a company like X-treme Carpet Cleaning is recommended. To reduce clutter and signs of the pet, have a place to store the blankets, toys and food dishes on quick notice for showings. Make sure to repair any small damage to walls or floors. Then, if your pet is a dogs, also make sure to clean the yard and remove all pet waste.


Removing Pets During Home Showings


Depending on the temperament of the cat, you may be able to leave them in the home but it is always recommended that the home be pet-free for showings. If the cat will usually run and hide when strangers come into the house it might be OK to leave them when  there is short notice. However, there is the chance that a cat could bite or scratch someone or escape from the house and get left outside. The best bet would be to remove cats for showings.


Dogs should always be removed from the home for showings. Did you know that you are liable for any dog related accidents on your property, even if you are not home? Even the sweetest dogs can become territorial when strangers are in your  home. Keeping them outside will hinder your buyers from being able to view the yard. Dogs should be taken out of the home, sent to a neighbors temporarily or be temporarily boarded at a kennel. Tell your agent to allow you 1-2 hours advance notice of showings if pets need to be removed.

Unusual Pets: 

While fish and hamsters are generally OK to leave – if you have a more exotic or unusual pet that could make people feel uncomfortable,  then you might want to remove it from the home during showings or just in general while the home is for sale. Large snakes or spiders would be an example. While you might enjoy this pet, you want buyers to feel comfortable enough to stay and look at the house and not run out the door!



Can I leave my pets at home during showings?

Can pets be at home during showings? That all depends on the type of pet you have. Cats most likely they are going to hide and run underneath the bed. Those are typically found in homes. It would be best, number 1, from a pet’s stand point to make sure that it is really clean and vacuumed every time. You certainly do not want a buyer who is going to come in and be allergic to anything and have to walk right out right away. When it comes to dogs, it is just going to depend on the type of dog that you have. I have a client right now which has big loud dogs. We are encouraging her to keep him in a cage. Now, he usually stays in a cage during that time. The other thing is just the timing of when your showing will be. If you are requiring a two-hour lead time, you might have enough time to get home from work and remove the dog from the house. If that is at all possible to get home and remove the dog, that is certainly something I recommend just because you do not know the personality and if kids are going to be coming over house as well to take a look at your home. -Stephanie Dacey, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Article Written By: Stephanie Dacey, a licensed Real Estate Agent at STL Real Estate. As our lead listing agent, Stephanie is an expert in pricing, staging and negotiations. If you are thinking about selling, fill out the form on this page to contact Stephanie. STL Real Estate is also a “we buy houses” company that could purchase your house with cash under the right conditions as well. If you need to sell your home fast in St. Louis, we can help!

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