So if theWhat makes a top real estate agent in St Louis part 2 marketing plan doesn’t really matter and you’re looking to hire a real estate agent (see previous article – how to find a top real estate agent in st louis part 1), what is important when you look to hire someone? If real estate is really a commodity and the marketing plan doesn’t matter, why is it important when you make your decision?

There’s a couple of reasons. First, let’s analyze a buyer. If you’re looking to buy a house in the St. Louis area, it’s the most important and biggest investment of your life, for most people. If you hire an agent that doesn’t really know what they’re doing – maybe they’re 50 years old but they had a different career and just got into real estate and have only completed two other deals – are they really truly going to be able to protect you when they value the house, and be able to determine whether or not it’s a good investment for you? So, being able to find the top real estate agent in St. Louis for you is a very important decision.

Additionally, when looking for a top real estate agent in St. Louis, a great agent will be able to set expectations properly, both with their client and with the other side to prevent potential obstacles from occurring. The top three stressful life events that you have to realize when dealing a home are death and divorce, which are the most stressful, and actually moving – meaning buying or selling a home.

What happens is you are dealing with people in a highly emotional state and newer agents aren’t able to control the emotions and the situation. Let’s say you’re wrapping with the buyer and the buyer gets really scared and loses all logic. They get scared on something that’s maybe a $500 fix but they’re buying a $300,000 home. Anything that’s smaller, like a $500 fix, should not end up causing you to back out of the contract.

The root of the problem is not the actual inspection item. The root of the problem is that they’re just scared, as they should be because they’re buying a home, buying a big investment.

So if you’re dealing with a buyer, a good agent will be able to reassure you. A good, quality agent will be able to make sure that you keep the big picture in mind and that you know the emotions that you’re feeling are normal. They should be able to reassure you that you are still making a good, solid decision and be able to help you work through any struggles you are having with the house. That’s a really important thing to look for in a top real estate agent.

But, on the listing side, a great listing agent will actually be able to – when they understand the dynamic of all the emotions that are going on and how the buyer is scared – research the amount of deals that a buyer’s agent has done. They’ll be able to pull out the transaction history and know, “Okay, this person is 50 years old but they aren’t experienced at all. They don’t know what they’re doing so I need to teach them even though they’re older.”

Most of the time you associate experience with age, which just isn’t the case in real estate. Based on my experience of selling hundreds of homes in the St. Louis area over the last eight years (I own an investment company that is a we buy houses company in St. Louis in addition to being a real estate agent), that’s completely false.

In order to be a good agent to your client, you have to literally research the agent’s transaction history every time so you know who you’re dealing with.

But what experienced agents are able to do is research. They’re able to peek under the hood and see, “Is it a first-time homebuyer? Okay, great. They’re going to be more emotional. They’re not sure what’s going on.” “Is it a first-time agent? Is it a brand-new agent? Okay, great. It’s a brand-new agent so what I’m going to now have to do is educate them and teach the buyer’s agent on what to say and how to manage the emotions of their clients when I have conversations with them.”

This is a huge indicator to helping you find the right agent.

You need to have an experienced agent that is a really strong communicator and knows what they’re doing, because they’re going to be able to keep together more deals than not.

I’m not saying that an experienced agent is going to convert 100% of properties under contract to close and keep deals together. Deals do fall apart. Buyers back out. It’s completely out of the control of the agent. I don’t mean to set unrealistic expectations with you but, and that’s a big BUT, an experienced agent will be able to convert a much higher percentage of the deals than not, which makes them be among the top agents.

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