There’s a big misconception in choosing a real estate agent. People believe that the color of the sign in your yard actually matters. But just how much does the color of the sign, of the branding of the sign, really matter to the sale of your home? Will your home sell faster if you have a red Keller Williams sign or a Blue Coldwell Banker sign? Probably not, but the reason we think that it does has to do with not understanding what your real estate agent is actually doing for you.

So What Do Agents Actually Do?

what do agents actually do

So what do agents actually do? A lot of people view real estate as a kind of commodity; like what’s the difference between Joe Schmoe Realtor A and Joe Schmoe Realtor B? They come in on listing presentations with big marketing binders with all the bells and whistles to try and differentiate themselves so they can pick-up new clients and offer them unique selling propositions. Then what happens is that clients will believe what agents are telling them. Therefore, the source of the problem, the source of the misconception, is agents.

Agents are going in and telling them that, yes, the brand of the real estate company is very important but if you’ve bought a home before or know someone that has, let me ask you this. What color was the sign in the yard of the home you bought? Don’t remember? You’re not alone, you don’t remember because it simply didn’t matter to you when you found the house.

When people look for a home they don’t think, “what’s the best Keller Williams home for my family?” They think, “I wonder if the bathrooms in this house are updated?”

A buyer doesn’t question which real estate agency is listing the home. What the buyer does think is, “Does the property’s kitchen meet my needs? Can I imagine cooking for my family and entertaining here?” “Does the property’s bathroom match what I want?” “Is the layout of the home what I’m looking for?” “Is this home where I see myself living for the next several year?

This is the truth of what home buying is all about. People are buying your home, not the agent or the agency. And yet, most agents you meet with will try to sell you on the fact that they work for a large well known real estate agency.

An Agent’s Actual Job In Real Estate

Real Estate is the largest collaborative industry in the world, in my opinion. An agent’s actual job begins when a buyer’s agent from one company (over 95% of time from a different real estate company), brings a ready and able buyer to a house that they then write an offer on. The homeowner’s agent (technically listing agent) represents the homeowner and does everything in his power to negotiate and craft the best deal possible for his client.

The best listing agents also are great at following up with showings for feedback on the showing, and trying to stir up interest in buyers that have shown some interest in the property but aren’t ready to write.

The collaboration that comes into play is working to bring the buyer and seller together. They have to be able to work everything out, get deals under contract, and everything else down the line up until closing. Scheduling and keeping in line with important contract dates is key as is helping both parties stick to the contract and avoid litigation.

Believe it or not – this takes an enormous amount of time on most transactions. Knowing if your individual agent is going to be focused on the task of selling your home, and knowing they are an experienced and capable agent, is far more important than the company they work for or the color of their for sale sign.

Going forward, if you’re looking to choose a real estate agent and they’re telling you that they are important because of their brand or even their marketing plan, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are a good, quality agent. After all, that is not what agents actually do. Be careful when looking for the right real estate agent for you.

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