What are the benefits to purchasing a home warranty?

What is a home warranty?


A home warranty is like an insurance plan for the appliances and systems in your house. It includes details that aren’t usually covered under your general home owners insurance. If  your stove or a/c stops working, you simply pay a small service fee (like a co-pay in health insurance) and someone will come out and either fix the problem or get you a replacement.

A tip we always give people who want to sell a home fast in St. Louis, is to provide a home warranty to the buyers. It gives peace of mind and lets the buyers know they are covered in case something should happen in their first year that could turn into a costly repair.

STL Real Estate has been buying homes in St Louis for several years now so we are well aware of the benefits to both a buyer and a seller. Often times you, as a seller, can get covered under the policy is well while the home is listed. The last thing you want to do is find yourself buying a new furnace while your home is sitting on the market waiting for a new owner.

What Are The Benefits Of A Home Warranty? (Video Transcript) 

I recommend you buying a home warranty anytime you are purchasing a house. It basically covers all of your kitchen appliances, major home systems such as HVAC and electrical. Sometimes, we can have the sellers purchase it for you and it basically covers a full year. It is a good thing to have just in case. We all have those times where you wish you would have had that (protection) and you didn’t. I highly recommend it. Here is a prime example of why having a home warranty or having a seller purchase a home warranty for you is a good idea. I had buyers back in January who purchased a house. You cannot test the AC at all in January because of the cold temperature. When it started to get warm outside, they realized that the air conditioning was not working. They turned it on and turned it off., but had no luck. They had the home warranty which meant they were able to get a brand new air conditioner. If they didn’t have the home warranty it would have been thousands of dollars out of their pocket in less than six months of buying their new home. It is always a good thing to buy the home warranty or have the sellers purchase it for you just in case issues like that were to occur. –Brittany Sheffer, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Article Written By: Brittany Sheffer, a local real estate buyer’s agent. Brittany is a St. Louis home owner who loves helping people find the perfect home. Call our office today to set up an appointment about home ownership (314) 571-9225.

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