Facebook is a great tool for online socializing as well as online marketing. In fact, many people are using Facebook as a way to promote their businesses and even promote their houses for sale. If you are considering using your Facebook page to sell your house, you might want to take a few minutes to learn a few of the dos and don’ts associated with online Facebook usage for marketing purposes. You might automatically assume it is easier to create a new Facebook page to sell your home, but the fact that all your friends and acquaintances are friends of your personal account may make it easier for you to sell your home if you use your personal account.


Consider Privacy


When you use your personal Facebook account to sell your home, you have to make sure that everything on your page is client-friendly. This means you must sensor your page so that the public can see it, since the general public might be potential clients.


Since you cannot make your personal page private if you hope to attract clients to your house for sale, you have to change your privacy settings so that your friends cannot post anything inappropriate on your Facebook wall. One way to do this is to change the settings on your page so that no friends can tag you in a photo without your approval. This will notify you when you are tagged in a photo. It gives you the power to accept the tagged photo to appear on your page, or decline it so no one will see the tagged photo of you.


Additionally, you might consider making it impossible for your friends to write on your wall without your approval. Again, you will receive notifications anytime your friends post something on your wall. You have the power to view the post and allow it to be posted on your wall or decline it so no one sees it. This keeps your page client-friendly at all times.


Information to Share


While you cannot make your entire profile private if you want to sell your house on Facebook, you can make some of it private. You should not share your personal information with anyone but your friends. You can change your settings so that your sexual preferences, religious beliefs, and political viewpoints are hidden from everyone but those on your friend list. Sadly, some people might develop a preconceived notion of you based on your personal information and might choose to leave your page without viewing the house for sale you have posted.


Furthermore, it is important you hide your photos from the general public. You can individually change the settings on each album on your Facebook page. You can choose to make certain albums viewable by only those on your friend list and others viewable by anyone in the general public. Make sure your personal photos are seen only by your friends and the photos of the house you are selling by everyone. Make sure each photo of your home has a good description and that it is a good photo.


Take a look at your Facebook profile with an impartial view. Pretend you are the client looking at your page and make any necessary changes. Looking at it from this point of view might help you see things that you wouldn’t otherwise notice, such as the fact that your profile picture is one of your cats, which is probably not something your clients want to see. Include many photos of your house, information about the school district your home is located in, sizes, dimensions, and other information potential buyers will find invaluable.


Jeff is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to arverne website.

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