Tips for Working with and Choosing a Listing Agent

How to Get the Most out of this Useful Relationship!

Deciding to sell your home, whatever the reasons may be, is personal. So when you choose to obtain the expertise and professional help of a listing agent, you want to work with somebody whom you like and trust.
That being said, it is a relationship; a working one, albeit, but a relationship none-the-less. To make the most of your time with your listing agent, follow these useful tips.

    • Set expectations

Be honest with your listing agent about your time restrictions, communication style, and what you’re looking for from her. A listing agents’ job is to make your home as visible and appealing as possible to buyers and to get you the best price conceivable in the end. They can only do that if they know what your expectations are and what you need from them. Don’t be afraid to tell the agent what you want, but also listen to what they have to say. Setting up the expectations upfront is the key to avoiding possibly conflict down the road.

  • Be on time.


Keep in mind that your listing agent is working for free until your home sells, so this is a matter of courtesy, first-and-foremost. In addition, your appointments with your listing agent are important parts of the process and will help you to sell your home quicker. The more cooperative you are in keeping these critical appointments, the better your listing agent can represent you and your home.

  • Follow their advice.


Your listing agent can be the best marketer in the world, and draw plenty of buyers to your home, but if potential buyers show up to a wreck, they’re likely to walk right back out. If your agent advises you to keep the house tidy, empty the dishes from the sink, or mow the lawn, know that they aren’t criticizing your housekeeping. They understand that life gets hectic. But they are trying to help you out. They’re experts at knowing the best way to present and sell a home, so try to be respectful of their advice and follow it as best you can.

While some of this may seem like common sense, they’re very important reminders.

When trying to sell your St Louis home, it’s easy to get caught up in preparing for the next step, and forget to stop and pay attention to what’s happening now.

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