The Importance of a Good Handyman

We have all been there: the drain in the basement backs up, the toilet stops working or the garbage disposal is on the fritz. Who do we call? If we just get on the internet and call the first person we see, how are we to know we aren’t being overcharged or that the person is being completely honest? If we do it ourselves, many times it makes the problem even worse.

I recently had this experience myself when our shower base in the basement started cracking. The base was part of a shower kit we bought when we finished our basement five years ago. At the time, we simply wanted to spend as little money as we could so we probably bought a cheaper kit than we should have. Well, our savings turned into spending more money to fix the problem way earlier than it should have happened.

Luckily for us, we were referred to a local handyman who had done work for my in-laws before. To say we were left impressed would be an understatement. Even though he had a full time day job, our handyman was willing to come over after work and on weekends to make sure he got the job done as quickly as possible.

He explained every step he was taking and talked us through any hurdles he encountered on the job. Along with this, at the end of each day, he made sure to tidy up and leave our bathroom looking just like he did before he came.

The most important thing—the quality of work—was excellent as well. He installed a shower door along with the new base and it came away looking awesome. I can’t begin to describe how pleased me and my wife were with his craftsmanship, professionalism and honesty.

While all of this was great for me and my wife, what does it mean for you? Hopefully, I have described the importance of having a good handyman in your life. If you don’t know one, ask a friend who does. Make sure you get this person in your contact list and never let go.

Professionalism is what we seek out of every person who helps us along the way, whether that be a loan officer, a real estate agent or a handyman. Keep these people close in your life and count on them when you need them. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

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Article Written By: Kevin Darr, a licensed Real Estate Agent at STL Real Estate.

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