Stage My Home

Many of our sellers ask us about staging. You can stage either by strategically placing your own belongings to make rooms look bigger and more inviting or you can rent decorative items from a staging company if the house is empty. Watch our video to see why we recommend staging for a faster home sale.

Should you stage your home when selling? If you are currently living in your house, my rule of thumb is “less is best”. Really kind of de-cluttering each room making it really clean and simple all the way from the closets, to the bookshelves, to the bed. Everything nice and clean and easy so that any buyer that comes through can see the space and its potential for that particular room.

If you are already trying to sell your home, you probably are going to be moving. Packing those things up just kind of gives you a head start anyway! Now if your home is vacant then we talk about hiring a staging company. 

If the home is empty then we certainly would recommend staging particularly the dining room, the living room, and possibly the master bedroom. There are a lot of great staging companies here in the St. Louis area that come out with the perfect amount of furniture and can really make your home pop when getting those pictures taken. It gives the buyer an idea of space in the home and maybe some ideas that they would decorate with. It can even get your home sold quicker!

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Article Written By: Stephanie Dacey 

Stephanie Dacey is a listing agent with STL Real Estate. Stephanie is an expert in pricing, marketing and negotiations for real estate transactions.

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