Is the St. Louis Real Estate Market Turn Around Finally Happening?

Recently in St. Louis, houses are selling for more than they have since 2008. What was a buyer’s market just years ago has quickly turned into a seller’s market. It is truly a St. Louis real estate market turn around. Even though this is good news for sellers, as their house prices are going up and being sold, such a quick swing has caused some problems of late. Due to lots of demand for houses and not nearly enough supply to match it, this St. Louis real estate market turn around is making buying a house quite the challenge. Houses are going on the market and being sold within days. Companies are starting to put up “Coming Soon” signs to warn buyers of an upcoming listing so they can prepare for a quick bid. It’s reassuring knowing that value is finally returning to homes though. Even though it makes it harder for buyers now, many should be please with the rise in market values. So while house prices have raised an estimated 7.1% according to some experts, not everything is perfect. Here’s the story on the St. Louis real estate market turnaround from

So what does this mean for you? If you’re looking to sell your house, this may be the time to do it! Be sure to see how STL Real Estate can help you sell your house fast. If you’re a buyer, don’t worry! We have some of the top real estate agents in St. Louis ready to help you find your dream home. While it may be more of a challenge with this upward trend of pricing, we are dedicated to meeting your needs. Contact STL Real Estate today so we can start meeting your needs whether you’re buying a house or selling!

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