For homeowners looking to maximize the potential resale value of their home, it is important to make the correct choice when it comes to making home improvements. This is because of the vast array of projects available. With improvements ranging from installing a new bathroom or kitchen through to installing new wooden gates to add security and privacy to their home, the list is pretty endless and can seem a bit daunting to the uninitiated.

Whilst the array of projects available may leave you wondering where best to spend your money, the following solutions are designed to offer you a range of simple, affordable and stylish home additions that will increase the value of your home and undoubtedly add to the curb appeal of your home.

General Maintenance

In order to maximize the potential value of your home it is essential that regular maintenance tasks are completed to prevent the home falling into disrepair. From keeping the lawn trimmed and the path free of weeds to applying a fresh coat of paint to the windows and doors, all these small factors can either attract or detract potential buyers of your property depending how much effort you put in to the upkeep of them.

Build an Appropriate Sized Extension

Although not within the budgets of many homeowners, the addition of a well planned extension will undoubtedly increase the value of your home due to the increase in square footage available to use as living space. When building an extension, consider the potential rise in value against the build costs. There is no point spending a fortune on an extension only for your home to go over the ceiling price of the majority of properties in the area and not be able to get a return on the investment.

New Garage Doors

Forming a major part of the frontage of your home, a tatty old garage door can be a real eyesore on the rest of your home and lead to a decrease in the value of your house. If the door is in safe working order, the application of a fresh coat of paint will go a long way towards giving it a new lease of life and therefore help lift the look of your home for very little expense. Should the door be beyond repair, a far better solution is to replace it for a more modern door that will offer many other benefits including insulation, higher levels of security and usability however be sure to choose
a design that is sympathetic to the architectural design of the building.

Install New Gates & Fencing

As one of the first things you or a potential purchaser will see upon approaching your home, it is essential that any gates and fencing are in good condition and well maintained. It is also important that the overall design is in keeping with the architectural style of the property. Depending upon the type of property you live in will dictate the correct style of gates and fencing that should be fitted. In terms of design appeal, the best gates should mirror the look of the home. It is therefore advisable to install wooden gates and fencing to period properties and country cottages whereas a more
modern home should feature a starker metal design to mirror the straighter lines of the building.

In conclusion, adding value to your home need not be overly expensive if you make careful considerations as to where to spend your money to get the maximum possible return on your investment and to make the best possible impression to homeowners looking to purchase your home.

This article has been written by Dan who writes on a wide range of home improvement projects and ideas designed to maximize the potential value of the home. He also works for, an online company specializing in the supply of a wide range of wooden gates and fencing.

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