Simple Tips for Making Your Home Eco Friendly

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In recent years there have been considerable concerns about the environment and how to reduce any the amount of harm that might be caused to our planet. As winter approaches most people want to make their home warmer while at the same time making it more eco friendly.

Below are some ideas for saving energy, by reducing the amount that you use and therefore ensuring that your home is more eco friendly.

Saving Energy

One of the best ways of making your home eco friendly is to ensure that it is as energy efficient as you can make it. When we use less energy we reduce what scientists and environmentalists call our carbon footprint. If much of the energy you use is going out through the roof or through gaps in the windows, then it’s time to make some changes.

If your windows were installed ten years ago or more then it’s a good idea to get a professional to look at them and advise about any UPVC repairs that might need doing.

Make sure that your front door fits tightly if you want to prevent heat from going out into the street. Turning the thermostat down on your heating system, just a couple of degrees will save energy and money.


Make sure that your home is well insulated and not suffused with drafts. If your loft is not already insulated then take advantage of some of the Government grants available and get it insulated as soon as possible. When it comes to making your home more eco friendly and energy efficient don’t forget to look after your doors.

For the most efficient insulation and eco friendliness doors should really be weather stripped. Weather stripping is designed to help keep the drafts out and should also have some kind of insulating properties to make it really effective. Buy weather stripping that has a padded strip or piece of vinyl as it will seal the warm air in but won’t make it difficult to open or close the door.

Check Your Floors and Skirting

Ill fitting skirting boards and gaps between the skirting and the floor boards can bring drafts into your home. Filling any gaps between skirting and floor with a plastic filler will stop the draft and help to keep the heat inside your home. Take a good look all around your home to see whether there are any more gaps letting out your expensive heat.

Saving Water

If you want you home to be eco friendly then you need to check where water is being wasted. If you have leaking taps then either fix them yourself or call in a professional to do the job. Have a quick shower rather than a bath as you will use less water this way.

When it comes to washing, wait until you have a full load before you turn on the machine.

And it’s so obvious and so simple not to do; yet many of us still don’t do it – turn off the tap while you’re cleaning your teeth!

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