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Signs it’s the Right Time to Sell Your St. Louis Home

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently highlighted some healthy real estate trends in our area that could possibly signify that it’s a good time to put your home on the market.
If it’s a question you’ve been struggling with during the recent unrest of the real estate market, then consider talking to your local realtor about these inspiring trends, and have them take a closer look at your neighborhood, in particular.

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  • First of all, home prices are slowly creeping upward.

    It’s not a massive increase, compared to other areas of the country, but it doesn’t need to be because the St. Louis housing market wasn’t hit as hard as some other areas. If the listing price of your home has kept you from moving forward, then think about having your local realtor do some research and give you an updated quote. You may be surprised at how much you can get these days.

  • Second, there are still an abundance of distressed properties in the area, which may seem like a bad thing.

    However, if your home is in decent condition, and you’re not upside-down on the mortgage, then the market may need your home! Certain areas are in need of good housing inventory, so talk to a realtor about the situation in your community.

  • Finally, interest rates for buyers are still at historical lows, so potential buyers are definitely out there.

    Take advantage of this trend while it’s alive and well, because there is no guarantee of how long mortgage loan rates will remain so affordable for your prospective buyers.


The best indicator that it’s time to sell your home is talking to a professional. They’ll be able to gauge your selling-power, trends in your own neighborhood, your personal financial situation, and more.

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