How to Sell Your House Fast! Pt. 2: Bedrooms

When you list your house, not just your realtor can help you sell your house fast. There are always things you can do yourself to help out! There are all sorts of little tricks and tips that we’ll tell you about. They’re all easy things to do that may just be that extra push a buyer needed to fall in love with the place. This is our second set of tips to help you sell a house fast. Our first set covered some ideas to improve your kitchen to get your house to sell faster. Bedrooms are an important part to any house, so you will want to make sure you make them look nice when listing. Here are our tips:

12219 Hillcrest (74)

Bedroom at 12219 Hillcreset

Tip 1: Make Your Bed

The simplest of our tips, though still important. If  you want to sell your house fast, it won’t help if the covers are off when a showing walks through.

2727 Russell Blvd

2727 Russel Blvd Bedroom

Tip 2: Organize Closets

Closet space is a big deal to a lot of people. Similar to cleaning your kitchen, putting things away and giving the look of the most space possible is key. If that means putting all of your extra clothes in a different, unused closet, do it. Space is important. Make sure your closets have space.

Tip 3: Decorate

Whether or not your color style is perfect for your bedrooms and your covers match the wall color, your safest bet is to replace them with neutral colors. If you think about it, the colors aren’t going to help sell your house faster. But, if a walkthrough comes in and completely disagrees with the colors, that could present a negative fact about that bedroom. We recommend playing it safe and going with neutral colors.

Also, depersonalize your rooms. Put away your family pictures before a showing. One way to look at it is make your bedrooms look like hotel rooms: lamps here and there, cabinets and dressers don’t have much on them, and not much more. Simple is better.


These tips and tricks should help you sell your house fast when you use them before a showing! Part 3 will cover the things you can do to make the outside of the house look great!

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