Play Along – Pop Culture Real Estate Quiz

We like to have fun here at STL Real Estate so this week we’ve create a fun pop culture quiz that’s all about our favorite topic – real estate! Feel free to play along – there is no license required. Good luck!

Question 1

Nestled in Kirkwood, MO - what famous architect built a 1900 square foot home on 10.5 acres of grassy fields in Ebsworth Park?

Answer 1

Frank Lloyd Wright

Question 2

He was a hunk a hunk of burning love and he had a world famous home that's still toured today. What is the name of Elvis Prestley's home?

Answer 2


Question 3

What real estate board game became the best selling game in America just one year after it was created?

Answer 3


Question 4

When the 1990's recession hit, what now multi-millionaire real estate mogul was forced to declare bankruptcy?

Answer 4

Donald Trump

Question 5

Who is the world's largest landowner?

Answer 5

The US government with over 700 million acres

Question 6

What company rents goats to do its mowing?

Answer 6


Question 7

Now that's a long haul! What is the longest distance a building has ever been moved?

Answer 7

Detroit’s five story Gem Theater was moved 1,850 feet (5 blocks) to make room for a new sports stadium.

Question 8

Construction started on the US White House in 1792 - what was the total cost to build it?

Answer 8

The cost was $232,372
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