How to Make Your House Sell Faster! Pt. 4: Bathrooms

When you list your house, not just your realtor can help you sell your house fast. There are always things you can do yourself to help out! There are all sorts of little tricks and tips that we’ll tell you about. They’re all easy things to do that may just be that extra push a buyer needed to fall in love with the place. Of course bathrooms are important to all of us. So here are a few tips to make your bathrooms look good that well help make your house sell faster!

4268 Botanical Ave (79)Tip 1: Towels

Definitely don’t leave towels around, but go the extra step to put out new towels in the bathroom. Fresh towels can always make the bathroom look cleaner.

_DSC2713Tip 2: Perfect Tile

If you have tile in the tub/shower or on the floor, make sure it’s clean. If any of it is breaking, it’s probably worth the effort to fix it. Broken tiles are never a good thing for a potential buyer to see.

Tip 3: Sparkling Clean

Make sure the mirrors, tub, floor, anything, is completely clean. That goes down to even re-caulking the tub if it looks old and dirty. Make sure you don’t leave out soap and shampoo in the shower.  We really mean squeaky clean. Spotless.

Tip 4: Decorate

Get out some decorative soap for the sink, or any other simple items that make the bathroom fancier. The simple things like that can always help make your house sell faster.

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