Among the financial decisions taken by most people, the one to sell or buy a home is a very important decision. But still, many of them give very little thought to find the real estate agent who is best suitable for their needs. Most of the time, people choose these agents based on newspaper ads or recommendation from friends.

But, this may not be the right choice always. Selecting the right agent can save you efforts, aggravation, and time in selling your property quickly for the best deal or finding the ideal property at an affordable price. There are few things you have to probe into before opting for an agent; here’s how to choose the best real estate agent.

Basic Qualities

To start off, a good real estate agent should be an expert and knowledgeable at all times. He should have a good experience and should be open at the time of discussing costs.When dealing with real estate agencies, it is important to check if they are a member of the respective territory’s or state’s Real Estate Institute, otherwise you must never work with the new agencies that don’t have proper accreditation.


Referrals are ofcourse handy; taking recommendations from people who have already worked with the agents can give you a fair idea about their professionalism. But, don’t always consider an option suggested by a single person… Speak to various colleagues, friends, and relatives and get a common opinion. Most of the agents remain in business because the clients who are satisfied with them refer to others. Speak to people about their experiences while working with the agents.

Keep a track of the Signs in Neighborhood

Keep a track of the listing indications in your neighborhood. Note the day they raise up and when the sold sign is put up. The agent who sells at the quickest rate could be a better choice to consider than the one with tons of ‘for sale’ marks, but poor rate of accomplishment.

Seek Suggestions from Professionals

Seek referrals from other real estate agents; they will be glad to refer sellers and buyers to associates, particularly if the needed service is not the referring agent’s specialty. Few agents specialize in new home builders, while others work in residential resale. Few others specialize only in investment or commercial property. You can also get good recommendations from mortgage brokers since they’ll have first-hand experience with the exceptional agents.

Perform Online Search for Agent Listings

There are many websites that will give a listing of agents; but these may not assure for quality. These sites refer people who have paid a fee to them for getting listed in their directory. So, you can do a Google search for the leading real estate companies in your place and also look out for customers’ testimonials online. But, more than the testimonials on their website look out for feedback and complaints against them on the Internet, because it’s a well-known fact that most of the testimonials on any website aren’t real!

Go to Open Houses

By attending open houses, you can get to meet up with real estate agents in a working environment that is not threatening. Communicate with them and collect their business cards and keep a note of their activities. Focus on how the agent shows the home, what kind of info he gives about the home, how he handles customers, and things like that. This may come handy when you plan to sell or buy homes.

Keep these things in mind before choosing a real estate agent. Finding a good agent is necessary to enjoy a trouble-free real estate transaction, and especially if you’re in a hurry to close a quick deal!

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Alton G. James entered the real estate industry after college. He found courage and inspiration from people who have made it in the industry and companies like Marshall Reddick Real Estate Network that tisrelessly helps newcomers achieve their career goals.

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