How to Avoid Water in the BasementA lot of times when we’re buying a house in St. Louis or Kirkwood, we find that there’s some issues with water in the basement.

What’s interesting about that is when you go to sell a property and there’s water in the basement, that hurts the value of your home. But often, it’s actually not that serious of a problem. Any time you have water in the basement is obviously not ideal, but if you have older homes and sell in St. Louis City or Webster or some of the areas where there’s older homes, water in the basement is a pretty normal thing. The one thing I would tell you is, depending on the type of the foundation, some of the foundations, like the center blocks, were actually designed to allow water to get through. They are designed so that water in the basement is not that big of a deal, from a structural standpoint.

The other thing to realize is that a lot of times, the fix is really quick and easy – incredibly easy. I’ve seen multiple houses where the gutters were clogged and that was really the only reason why there was a water issue in the basement of your St Louis home.

What happens is if the gutters are clogged, the water will flow when it rains over your house and you’ll have the entire rainfall try to flow into the gutter. The rainfall won’t be able to flow in the gutters because they are clogged, and maybe it’s only clogged where the downspout is. All of the water getting poured onto the house in the heavy rain then tries to go down the downspout and it overflows, falling right in one spot of your property.

Over time, what will happen is that the water will find the lowest point, which will typically be your basement.

So gutters being clogged is one potential culprit.

That’s just an easy, easy fix. I mean, depending on your property, it may take you ten minutes to clean out your gutters. So if you take the time to check your gutters and clean them every once in a while, you could potentially avoid future water problems in the basement.

The grade of your yard is also a very important thing.

When the grade of your yard is lower right around your house and everything slopes to your house, what happens is that the water will, again, seek the lowest point. If your house is the lowest point, all of the rain that’s falling on your yard will then get sloped and poured into your house. Simple fixes are: just make sure that the grading is right around your house, get some extra dirt and build up the grading so that everything will fall away from the house.

If you make sure that those two things are fixed, I think you’d be surprised of how easy your water in the basement problems can go away. I’d say something like 70% of water problems in basements are because of those two things: clogged gutters and poor slope of the yard.

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