Early this week, discussion was sparked on social media by residents of the Tower Grove South neighborhood after multiple community members were approached by STL Real Estate Properties via text message about purchasing their homes. There was enough conversation that local news station, KMOV approached STL Real Estate asking to discuss these practices.

“We’ve been reaching out and trying to find creative ways to find homeowners who want to sell so we can buy their house from them,” Jim Manning, STL Real Estate owner confirmed Wednesday in a KMOV News 4 segment.

According to STL Real Estate, individuals receiving text messages were concerned about the legitimacy of the business and its practices.

“We’re not doing some sort of mass blanket text, we’re physically calling someone and if they don’t pick-up we’re sending them a text message,” Manning told KMOV. “These are not automated messages. There is an actual human, based in St. Louis sending these messages, and providing information as to how to opt-out of the communications,” he stated.

Manning said that they recently tested sending text messages as a marketing strategy to residents because they have a high need to purchase residential properties due to inventory levels being down.  They had only been doing this for a couple of weeks before it gathered attention from the press.

“We are a real estate investment company looking for property in profitable neighborhoods,” said Manning. “We reach out to these homeowners because we have a great interest in buying residential property in popular communities like Tower Grove, Shaw Park and Kirkwood.”

“Text message marketing is just another marketing strategy,” Manning told KMOV. “And we were certainly surprised by the attention it has attracted.”

“Like many other businesses, we buy lists from third party companies,” stated Manning. “We never resell these lists, and they never include people from the federal ‘do not call’ list.”


Manning said that he feels STL Real Estate is helping to contribute to the redevelopment of St. Louis.

“We buy houses in St. Louis with the intent to renovate them, improve neighborhoods and boost property values,” Manning said. “If we don’t personally renovate them, we sell them to other investors who do.”

“The option to sell a home to STL Real Estate is a great option for homeowners in distressed situations. Oftentimes, the homes we purchase simply aren’t suitable for the traditional real estate market,” Manning stated.

“Typically, the properties we seek need extensive repairs or updates, and homeowners don’t want to do them. Getting a cash offer is simply the fastest and easiest way to sell a home to avoid repairs, commissions or showings. In a city like St. Louis that has classic brick homes upwards of a hundred years old, it’s a great option,” he said.

STL Real Estate and STL Real Estate Properties are sister companies, both locally owned and operated out of Kirkwood, MO. They strive to be the #1 real estate investment brokerage in St. Louis. By combining their local retail real estate knowledge with their extensive residential real estate investment knowledge, they offer clients more options in the purchase or sale of their homes.  Operating since 2009, STL Real Estate has helped hundreds of homeowners find solutions to their real estate needs; especially those in difficult circumstances.

See the full story from KMOV HERE.

Update: As of April 25th, STL Real Estate chose to discontinue their text message marketing efforts after leaving a voicemail to individuals. Moving forward messaging will only go out to individuals who specifically request it. 

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