How to Get Your House to Sell Fast! Pt. 3: Outdoors

When you list your house, not just your realtor can help you sell your house fast. There are always things you can do yourself to help out! There are all sorts of little tricks and tips that we’ll tell you about. They’re all easy things to do that may just be that extra push a buyer needed to fall in love with the place. So of course, making sure the outside of your house looks great is a way to get a perfect first impression on a buyer. We have a good list of tips and tricks that you can use for your own house so you can get your house to sell fast:

7028 Holly Hills (18HDR)Tip 1: Get a New Doormat

It’s such an easy thing to do: replace that old, dirty doormat with something brand new. Trust us. We wouldn’t be saying these if they didn’t make a slight difference.

Tip 2: New Paint

Here’s a quick checklist of things you may want to put a fresh layer of paint on:

  1. Front Door
  2. Garage Door
  3. Mailbox
  4. Shutters
  5. Any other entrance doors

Fresh paint looks good. Looking good can get your house to sell fast.

Tip 3: Lawn Work

Mowing the lawn is a must. A nice and tidy yard will only help you get your house to sell fast. In addition, if there are some rough patches or dead grass in some visible parts of your yard, take some time to consider if it’s worth fixing. Small patches probably are; you can get some quick lawn repair things from hardware stores. Nobody is going to have that beautiful baseball stadium grass. But think about how good that grass looks and how much quicker you could get your house to sell if you did. Grass can mean a lot.

Also, don’t forget about trees and bushes. It’s a good idea to trim your bushes so they’re tidy and to put down fresh mulch. Make sure you rake any leaves in the yard. You may want to purchase some flowers and place them along your walkway or in flowerpots by the doorstep to add an extra touch.

7028 Holly Hills (21HDR)Tip 4: The Front Door

Every walk through starts at the front door. So why not make it a great first impression that will get your house to sell fast? First, make sure your doorbell works. Whether that means making sure it looks new or actually making it work… You can also clean the doorknob or shine the address numbers if they’re on the door. Another important one is making sure the front door opens easily. Nobody wants to start a walk through with the realtor slamming their body into the door to open it. You should avoid snags like that to get your house to sell fast.

Tip 5: Clean

All of your porches, patios, walkways, driveway,… anything should be kept uncluttered. Put away your kids’ toys, any unnecessary furniture, or tools and keep things clean. Clean always looks good and gives that impression that will get your house to sell fast.


Using these 5 tips to get the outside of your house looking perfect, and by using the other tips we’ve been giving you, you should be able to get your house to sell fast!

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