Darren’s Story: Why I Joined STL Real Estate

STL Real Estate is a small, privately owned and operated agency. Why do so many agents choose to work with us? A new addition to the STL Real Estate team, Investor/Agent Darren Hoefgen shares with us, why he made the change.

“I’m not just an ‘agent’. I’m an investor as well. Not all agencies have an investor mindset; They are much more focused on retail agents. I was looking for an agency that is focused on and surrounded by investors. Not only does it open a lot of doors, but it creates a lot of opportunities for my individual success—not just the success of the brokerage.

Since starting with STL Real Estate two weeks ago, I’ve had multiple properties come across my desk that I wouldn’t have had access to or known about before. STL Real Estate has a solid base of investors and buyers local to our area that are scouring the market for investment opportunities specially for investor/agents like me. Not to mention, when I joined STL Real Estate, I created a much larger network to fill my properties, rentals and expanded the list of contractors and vendors that I can work with. These prospects and business partners are people who have already been vetted and I know I can trust. I firmly believe these are the results of STL Real Estate partnering with investors who have a similar investment model. Where some brokerages might have that as an option, it’s definitely not a focus of the business. Until now, I’ve never encountered a brokerage that has this model as a standard offering everyday of every week.

 Moving to STL Real Estate has been a great move for me. I am now in a position where I know I can count on continued opportunities for investment properties to purchase AND increase my network of buyers.

 I’m not looking forward to more deals– it’s already happening. I’m eager to see how my business continues to grow.

Finding the right brokerage is vital to an agent or investors success. While any broker can hold your license, if your primary goal is to build your business, make sure you find a brokerage that has your best interest and common goals at heart.”

 STL Real Estate, located in downtown Kirkwood, Missouri is a trailblazer in St. Louis real estate. With owners who were born and raised in the area, combined with several years of experience in buying, selling and investing in properties, the knowledge cannot be matched. While experiencing exponential growth, we are always looking to add the right people to our team. Are you an agent who specializes in real estate investment? Are you an investor who wants to take it to the next level? We want to talk to you. Call us today at 314.571.9225. Let’s grow our business together. Today.

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