Beware of Property Deed Scam in St. Louis

Scams are a reality of our everyday life, from online hackers trying to obtain your personal data to telemarketing fraudsters claiming you’ve won a free prize but must send money for S&H. There’s just no escaping the ubiquitous presence of scam artists.

Unfortunately, a new scam has been popping up in St. Charles county over the last few weeks regarding obtaining your home’s property deed, and STL Real Estate wants to make sure all homeowners are aware of the situation and don’t fall for any tricks. 

A scale house on a deed to conceptualize on the financial investment As reported by KMOV, these scam artists are sending what looks like official paperwork to homeowners telling them they need a certified copy of their property deed and can get one by sending anywhere from $50 to $100 to the fake company on the paperwork, but DO NOT send any money.

Of course property deeds are essential legal documents for any homeowner since they assign ownership of property, however homeowners can easily obtain copies of their property deeds by visiting their local Recorder of Deeds office where copies cost around $1 per page, with most deeds usually being around 2 to 3 pages.

If you have any questions on property deeds or other pertinent housing documents please feel free to contact STL Real Estate.

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