Does a Bathroom Remodel Add Home Value?

By Tim Smith

The value of a home is enhanced with updated and stylish improvements to bathrooms. Potential buyers usually anticipate spending part of their initial investment for home improvements, such as in the kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Therefore, the buyers will attempt to pay a lower price for a house because there will be additional costs for remodeling. Homes with updated bathroom fixtures can be sold for a higher price than homes with outdated sinks and bathtubs. Here are the different variables figuring out if a Bathroom Remodel Add Home Value


The housing market has many variables, such as location and size of the lots. Buyers may want to have several acres on a cul-de-sac. There could be a house with exactly enough rooms that is simply located in the wrong area for the buyer. Therefore, home improvements are quite important because the decision to not buy a home could be based upon the need to remodel the bathroom, such as replacing the bathroom vanity. Owners are usually forced to reduce the prices for homes that have been available for sale for more than one year. An updated bathroom can provide encouragement for a buyer to quickly close the deal.


Value is an estimate about the comparative worth of an item, such as the value of an antique fountain or new swimming pool. Manufacturers add value to products, which increases the worth of the products to a potential buyer. Paints, veneers and waterproof treatments enhance the value of a deck or storage shed. Steel benches for patios may have a chemical coating that prevents rust, which increases the value of the benches. A house may be more appealing to a new buyer if the home has been treated for termites, has a new roof and has new bathroom features that include motion detectors for the light switches and water faucets.

Older Bathroom Fixtures

New buyers may question the safety of older bathroom fixtures because there have been several issues with toxic or hazardous substances, such as asbestos. Currently, manufacturers must operate with more rigid standards about raw materials and chemical processes. Many individuals are concerned about carpet fibers and lead in pipes. Therefore, new homeowners may choose natural fibers and house paints with ingredients that are friendly to the environment. Some older porcelain bathroom fixtures could have hazardous substances, such as lead in the bathtub.

New Fixtures

The modern bathroom fixtures include steam shower cabins and motion detectors for controlling the lights and water. Improvements to a bathroom can enhance the value of a home and attract several new buyers who admire personal saunas, water jets with heat controls and wall-mounted flat screen televisions in medicine cabinets. A stylish bathroom could quickly seal the deal for a sale because the bathroom is one less room that the new homeowner will need to refurbish.

Well that’s how you figure out if a Bathroom Remodel Add Home Value. For other bathroom remodeling ideas check out Modernize.

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