About Jim Manning

About the Author - Jim Manning is the lead real estate agent on STL Real Estate's team. STL Real Estate sold an astonishing 76 houses in 2012. To put that in perspective, the average agent sells only 7 to 10 homes in an entire year. James specializes in giving expert advise to anyone looking to sell or buy a home in St Louis Missouri. Contact Jim by filling out a web form on his site STLRealEstateLLC.com!

St Charles Property Deed Scam

Great video on KMOV for St Charles homeowners to be aware of...There is a property deed scam going on. Find it here: http://www.kmov.com/home/St-Charles-administrators-warning-residents-about-property-deed-scam-234323321.htmlpayday installment loans for minnesota

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Another Housing Bubble? Not Likely

Another Housing Bubble? Not Likely! The Housing Market is Slow and Steady Always quick to find a story, many American headlines are suggesting the threat of another housing bubble. But should we really be panicking? According to the level-headed experts [...]