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About the Author - Jim Manning is the lead real estate agent on STL Real Estate's team. STL Real Estate sold an astonishing 76 houses in 2012. To put that in perspective, the average agent sells only 7 to 10 homes in an entire year. James specializes in giving expert advise to anyone looking to sell or buy a home in St Louis Missouri. Contact Jim by filling out a web form on his site STLRealEstateLLC.com!

How Much Money Does A Real Estate Agent Make?

How Much Money Does A Real Estate Agent Make? People are attracted to the world of Real Estate often because of the promise of freedom and money. And sellers are sometimes wary of signing over a [...]

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Best Things About Living In Kirkwood MO

  This week's article was written by Lindsay Wessels and shares her experience as a Kirkwood resident!    The best things about living in Kirkwood   Payday Loans Online In Ontario As a “transplant” to Kirkwood, my husband and I [...]

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Termites AKA “The Silent Destroyer”

  Many times clients ask us if the termite inspection is really important on a home purchase. Termites are a major problem, causing structural damage to the house that can be expensive to repair. There are many different types of [...]

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How Can I Buy A Home With Student Loan Debt?

The student debt total in the US has surpassed the 1 Trillion dollar mark and more and more students are graduating with a diploma in one hand and a student loan debt bill of $35,000 or more in the other. [...]

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What to Look for When Buying a Home in St. Louis

  Are You Looking At Home Value?   What's interesting when we work with first-time home-buyers in the St. Louis region is that they often have different priorities than a second, third, or fourth-time home-buyer. The priorities are skewed and, [...]

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Is it the Sign? What do Real Estate Agents Actually Do?

There's a big misconception in choosing a real estate agent. People believe that the color of the sign in your yard actually matters. But just how much does the color of the sign, of the branding of the sign, really [...]

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How to Avoid Water in the Basement

A lot of times when we're buying a house in St. Louis or Kirkwood, we find that there's some issues with water in the basement. What's interesting about that is when you go to sell a property and there's water in [...]

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Bathroom Remodel Add Home Value

Does a Bathroom Remodel Add Home Value? By Tim Smith The value of a home is enhanced with updated and stylish improvements to bathrooms. Potential buyers usually anticipate spending part of their initial investment for home improvements, such as in [...]

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