3 Benefits of Owning Real Estate in Missouri

For as long as I’ve lived here, Missouri seems to get a bad rap. People say the state’s capital city isn’t that exciting, there’s nothing, but farm land and the humidity is terrible. Well, I have yet to see any state’s capital that blew my mind. Not to mention, the cities, the landscape and even the weather offer much diversity. However, it might be difficult to tell if you’re just passing through. Like anything, sometimes it takes a second chance and a closer look to find that needle in the hay stack.

There’s more to Missouri than what you think. Owning real estate and living in Missouri has several benefits. Here are 3 benefits of owning real estate in Missouri:

Lower House Costs

Housing prices in Missouri are significantly lower than most states. St. Louis, for instance, has the most affordable housing among the top 20 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S.  Not only are the house prices low, but the overall cost of living in Missouri is below the nation’s average.

Diversity of Real Estate

The prices of real estate are lower, along with the cost of living. Another great addition to the real estate market is the diversity it offers in Missouri. The Metropolis areas in Kansas City and St. Louis provide a wide variety of housing and real estate options; everything from suburbs, condos and lofts for residential living to small and large businesses for commercial purposes. This includes purchasing and renting options for home buyers and business owners.

Outside the metropolitan areas, you can find a wide variety of towns and cities that will suit any real estate and living option you could think of.

Finally, the rural areas in Missouri provide some of the most beautiful spectacles you will find in the state. Whether it’s a farm or just a lot of land, you’ll have the real estate option of investing or living on such property. Some real estate companies offer a wide variety of housing and property options, such as Assist-2-Sell, Kirksville MO real estate agents. They provide listings from farms to houses and other properties.

Lower Mortgage Borrowing Rates

Home sales have been increasing due to lower mortgage rates and lower home prices. This will change once the housing market gets back on track. Foreclosures have increased, especially in St. Louis, but that only means cheaper houses and lower mortgage rates, since the banks are sitting on all of these foreclosures and need to get rid of the excess. From a buyer’s perspective, these are benefits of owning real estate in Missouri . Buying more foreclosed homes will help the real estate market balance itself, plus it’s very affordable.

Any state has its pros and cons. Missouri isn’t an exception, but much can be gained while living in it, whether it’s obvious or not. Missouri offers much diversity with its weather, people and real estate options. If you’re still uncertain, don’t take it from me. These are just 3 benefits of owning real estate in Missouri. Let her show you and see for yourself.

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