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Brittany Sheffer

Brittany Sheffer

Real Estate Advisor

Hi, my name’s Brittany Sheffer and I’m with STL Real Estate and this is my story:

I love helping buyers find their new home! I joined the STL Real Estate team in January of 2015.
I just bought my first house about six months ago and Stephanie Dacey was my agent. That’s how I became interested in real estate, seeing all the different homes and learning about what you’re looking for.

I’m originally from Southern Illinois—Carbondale, and I moved up here to try something different. And I moved here with my son, his name is Jace, he is six and a half. We do a lot of things here in the city together, there’s tons of activities, I absolutely love St. Louis, it’s a whole different ball game up here. Always something to do, every time you turn around.
I have a part time job that I do on the weekends and I sing in a Johnny Cash tribute band, the name is One More Round, and I’m the June Carter in it. So that keeps me pretty busy. Other than that, I just find fun things to do in the city.
Stop by to see us any time, we’re here Monday through Friday, or follow us on our social media page to see our upcoming events. Hope to see you soon!

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