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Brett Johnson

Project Manager

Hi, I’m Brett Johnson with STL Real Estate and this is my story,

After college I drifted from job to job for a bit. I’ve known Ryan Wessels and Jim Manning for some time, and they presented me with an opportunity to learn about real estate investing. I jumped at the opportunity and have enjoyed my work ever since.

I’m the project manager for STL Real Estate, basically as project manager I oversee construction after each property is purchased. I walk through a property, create a scope of work, and then manage and coordinate all the contractors performing the work. At the end of the project, we have a home inspection, and we correct any items discovered at that time on the home inspection report.

From there, we clean the property and stage the property before the property is listed.

I really enjoy my role as project manager, I get to see each home transformed from the beginning when sometimes the home is not in a livable condition, and at the end of the project it’s something a new home owner can be very proud of, and enjoy a lifetime with their family in.

In my free time I love spending time with Jackie, the love of my life, and our dog, Hennessy. Our favorite activities are typically outdoors. We enjoy camping and hiking during the summer, and traveling when we can, when time allows.

We also enjoy staying at home and cooking together, and playing board games. When I’m by myself, I’m typically nose deep inside a book.

Feel free to stop by our office in Kirkwood or give me a call with any questions or problems you may have, and we look forward to working with you.

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