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Meet STL Real Estate Agent Andrea Nappier

Andrea Nappier

Real Estate Advisor

Hi, my name’s Andrea Nappier and this is my story:

I am a licensed real estate agent and I specialize in helping people buy and sell homes in the St. Louis area. I just love real estate as a whole. I actually started out getting my interior design degree, which I completed, because I love homes. Then I worked in the title business a little bit, also with mortgages and people and that aspect, and with the real estate, it just gets me in to help people find a house that they want to live in. That’s the most important thing, I think, in a lot of people’s lives—their surroundings. Homes are a big deal, so I’m excited to help people find their dream home and be involved in that.

I live out in Winghaven. We play a lot of golf, I like to golf. We’re close to the wineries, which is great because I love wine. I like to hang out with friends, we do a lot of group activities, big girl group dinners and, I like to hang out with my family—I have nine nieces and nephews, so family time is big. Besides that, I do the same thing everybody else does: barbeque and hang out on patios and enjoy the summer.

If you’re looking to buy a home or sell a home in St. Louis you can contact me at our office line 314-571-9225 or my cell phone, which is 314-608-0348. I look forward to working with you.