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We Get it…its all about the $$$ when you look for St Louis houses for sale

St Louis Houses for saleThe best way to describe STL Real Estate is that it is two companies in one. It is a real estate brokerage that helps St. Louisans buy and sell houses, and it is an investment company that buys and sells st louis houses for sale itself. Because we have the investment company, we can offer unique and discounted properties that other real estate companies don’t even know are for sale. When you couple this with the 10+ years of residential investment experience right here in St.Louis, you have yourself a huge potential for a savvy person looking to get a great deal, and find the the perfect home to live in.
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Are you a first time home buyer?

Then STL Real Estate is the PERFECT company for you. You see, we have designed an entire step by step process that will walk you through the entire home purchasing process. It will allow you to have all your bases covered, and help you make sure that you not only find the perfect starter home, but one that is a safe and solid investment for you to have for years to come.
[/accordion_toggle] [accordion_toggle title=”Teamwork”] Working with a real estate team is a HUGE advantage for home buyers because you known you are working with a specialist that only focuses on buyers. This means that you get to work with agents that are more flexible to fit the demands of your schedule, know the in’s and outs on how to both find you the best deals, and then once you are under contract have the ability to provide you with the proper advise and protection that you need to make sure you aren’t making any mistakes.

Stephanie Dacey – Real Estate Buyer’s Agent – STL Real Estate

Steph Dacey Head ShotI’m an experience agent with a locally owned and operated real estate team that has well over 10 years experience both personally buying and selling real estate and helping others buy and sell homes.  What this means for you is that I’m trained specifically to ensure that you are making a smart investment when you look to purchase one of the St Louis houses for sale, and I’m trained to listen and observe what your needs are so that I can weed out the houses that wouldn’t be a good fit for you thus saving you time and energy.

I’m a full time agent which means I’m working around the clock trying to find you the best home for the best price.  I study the housing market daily monitoring closely of the new houses coming on the market, when prices drop, and I’m out in the field personally previewing houses to get a real prospective of the homes that would best fit your needs.

We have the experience to guide you through writing up the contract, negotiating the deal, and making sure your best interest is protected.

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