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Lindsay Wessels

Business Operations Manager

I’m Lindsay Wessels and this is my story:

At STL Real Estate I’m in charge of business operations. I help with Human resources, marketing, admin roles, basically anything to help the business run smoothly.

I got into real estate because my husband, Ryan Wessels actually started the business and I was really interested. He wanted to find a house for ourselves that was a rehab as well—I was not interested in it at the time, but as we went through the process I learned a lot. We ended up basically taking our house and starting from scratch: taking down walls, doing new plumbing, new electrical work—I got to pick out all the fixtures and it was a really fun experience, and now I get to incorporate that into my daily role.

I recently had a baby in March, her name is Quinn, she is now part of our family. We have a dog named Lana. For fun, we like to try new things around St. Louis, try new restaurants, go out to new places. I like to travel a lot; my husband and I have been to Europe, Hawaii, Canada—trying new places all the time.

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