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Our team shares more about STL Real Estate’s Investment Club:

Gain professional development by thriving St. Louis investors who know your market and have succeeded in the business. Local investors need local knowledge.
We’ve created multiple outlets for you to develop your business. Have weaknesses? Let’s work on that.
We will provide first access to investment properties throughout the St. Louis region that no one else has access to. We’ve created a network of hungry real estate investors who often exchange property between them and their individual networks. As a part of this network, you gain full access to ALL of our resources.
What happens if you find a deal and you can’t afford to buy it?  Sure you can wholesale it, but what if its the type of deal that you could make a whole lot more on it if you had the resources to buy it?  With our joint venture opportunities your financing problem is solved.
We’ve learned how to take our volume of projects from 2 to more than 20. Gain access to the technology we use to manage and scale our business, and learn our processes and systems to boost your business.
You aren’t working for us. You’re working with us. Continue to work your business on your own terms. Or, pick up some improvements along the way. It’s your choice.
You’ll gain access to our comprehensive list of contractors, bankers and other professional services.  Currently totaling over 200 local vendors.
Paperwork is tedious and time-consuming. Our transaction coordination department ensures your transactions run smoothly and allows time to focus on your next deal.
Real Estate investing is more than fixing up a property. We layout what follows the flip. Take advantage of our complete marketing system to convert your buyer and seller prospects & sell your flips or our Buyer Conversion Program to boost your production by having us handle your incoming lead calls!
Have you checked the cost of real estate investment programs? Our program is designed to be more affordable than any other program out there. We are a fraction of the cost because we want to be inclusive of anyone who is interested in becoming a successful real estate investor. PLUS, if you don’t do any deals in the first 12 months, we’ll pause the cost of the program!
“I’m not just an ‘agent’. I’m an investor as well. Not all agencies have an investor mindset; They are much more focused on retail agents. I was looking for an agency that is focused on and surrounded by investors. Not only does it open a lot of doors, but it creates a lot of opportunities for my individual success—not just the success of the brokerage.”
Darren Hoefgen, Licensed Affiliate Investor, St. Louis, MO